About Us

“C Vessels” was founded in 2012 as a development from security services provided of the East African coast. Our management team has a long experience in providing safety and security to the maritime industry in some of the most hostile and complex areas of the world with 1000’s of missions completed both in the provision of on-board security and security vessels.

Since early 2017 we have developed a focus on the N European market for guard vessels, chase vessels, survey vessels and offshore maintenance and accommodation vessels.

C Vessel is committed to taking an active interest in the countries that we operate from and within. As a marine based organization, we look to run our corporate and social responsibility (CSR) using the same approach to our business, ensuring that the CSR work we do is ethical and governed by principles of technical excellence, safety and operational innovation and flexibility.

We follow strict safety procedures and our Quality & Safety management systems are based on the most current and acknowledged industry standards, enabling us to maintain a safe working environment. As safety professionals we are not only responsible for our employees, we also guarantee the safety of contractors involved in the task at hand.